California Wild Fires


For those of you having trouble figuring out who or how to help, below please find a summary on what’s happening here in Southern California in regard to the wild fires.

In December we had 6 major fires hit the Southern California region. They are known as the Skirball, Thomas, Lilac, Liberty, Rye and Creek fires.  As of today, the Thomas fire is still burning with only 20% containment and threatening structures and the lives of countless animals.  It was reported by KCAL9 that the Skirball fire started as a result of a homeless camp whom lit an illegal fire.

The six wildfires tearing through Southern California have burned up 175,000 acres and counting. A reported 90,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. On Friday, authorities confirmed 70-year-old Virginia Pesola as the first person to be killed in connection with the fires. As for animals, for somebody it’s their companion, family member and it could be their everything and we have lost more animals than we can count. 🙁 As a result of the chemicals in our air, many of us are sick with upper respiratory symptoms, allergies, asthma and bronchitis.

Heroic individuals are working around the clock to save animals from these harsh conditions — and the good news is you can help. Though we are almost out of the woods, the recovery has only just begun. So I wanted to list all of the ways in which you can help with or without making a monetary donation.

  1. Join a facebook group that serves to reunite animals with their owners, read the rules of the page and start combing through the lost & found animals and matchmaking them. People need this work to be done so that they can be reunited with their lost animals. Once you join a page, you’ll pick up how to help with the guidance of others.
  2. Sign up to volunteer for the humane society, red cross and other grass roots organizations that need help.
  3. Foster animals for the shelters. You can contact any local shelters and ask if they need animals fostered. Be prepared to go through a screening process, they can’t hand animals to just anyone.
  4. Donate foods and supplies to those in need.
  5. Donate cash to credible organizations. I have listed a few of them below.
  6. Families who have left pets at the shelter while they are evacuated should retrieve them as soon as they are able.
  7. For those of you looking for your animals, check out this blog –  Click Here.  It has proven to be very helpful in the process. Also keep in mind that a lot of animals kept at the Ventura shelters are being shipped to Canada rescue. Contact VCAS to find out how to locate your pets in Canada.

HELP in locating lost animals after a disaster click here

VCAS Volunteer Thomas Fire Wish List click here.

DONATE TO Humane Society of Ventura click here.

DONATE TO The Gentle Barn click here.

DONATE TO The California Wildlife Center click here.


For current fire related information, please visit

and to conclude there is this heartwarming bunny rescue! Click here

Thank you to Australia and all of the states whom assisted us during this crisis. <3

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